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Logistics Consulting Canary Islands.

Designed for Canarian companies. Air and sea transport.

Aimed at new or existing import/export companies. Creating logistic routes or optimizing existing ones.

Conthor Canarias offers its experience in the optimization of logistic systems where it always rewards efficiency, looking for economic and fast alternatives.
We have a team with more than 15 years of experience in the sector with the capacity to design a plan of action adapted to your needs. We analyze the existing procedures to find the right type of transport and route, as well as to speed up transit and customs times.

Working method

System is implemented, not forgetting the training of the people who will have to deal with later tasks. Accompanying the employer or persons in charge to local meetings as well as abroad.

At Conthor Canarias we maintain our commitment until the system is implemented, not forgetting the training of the people who will have to deal with these tasks in an autonomous way after our intervention. We contact your suppliers at the source to optimize the shipments and we accompany you in local and overseas meetings with your suppliers and/or clients to advise you at every moment, offering our support to the logistics and acquisition departments. We will teach you how to calculate the volume of goods, choose the right types of containers or Incoterms, and clarify the use of technical terms in the languages of our expertise (Spanish, English and German) to help your team feel confident and prepared to face new horizons.

The Brexit challenge

Brexit represents an additional challenge for the Canarian company, which will have to adapt its procedures to the new regulations with Great Britain.

The recent departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union, the so-called Brexit, represents an additional challenge for Canarian companies, which will have to adapt their procedures to the new regulation with England, or look for other products, suppliers or customers in other other areas of our field. Conthor Canarias offers you the opportunity to reach origins and destinations with ease and diligence. We can also advise you on customs matters.

Practical examples

Practical examples to save costs or optimize transit times and speed up customs:

Case A. Company importing beer kegs from England to Tenerife and Gran Canaria with some occasional shipment orders to Lanzarote.
The kegs are returned empty to the supplier in England, so both at origin and at destination the collection was organized with ONE WAY trucks. These shipments were passed on to ROUNDTRIP both on the islands and in the factory; by making better use of overland transport we save 50% of costs, about 500 euros in each shipment.

Case B. CIF loading of animal feed from Germany to Las Palmas and Santa Cruz. One way.
During the visit the client demands greater speed in the delivery of the load. The German supplier used the same truck company to distribute its products throughout Europe. In the case of the Canary Islands, the feed is taken to a warehouse in Barcelona from where a container is loaded and sent by ship to Gran Canaria. With our intervention we managed to get the supplier in Germany to ship the feed containers directly from Hamburg to the Canary Islands, with the consequent saving in transit time for the receiver, less transport costs for the German company and less pollution for the environment.

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