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Internationalization of Canarian companies.

Geographical advantages of the Canary Islands

Due to their geographical and political situation, the Canary Islands are a strategic point of convergence for trade between Europe, Africa and America.

The Canary Islands are about 2000 km from Madrid, 3200 km from London or 4100 km from Berlin. This means between 2 and 5 hours of flight time, respectively. But there are also connections with Africa, such as Morocco, Mauritania, and other sub-Saharan countries. And for some years now there have been closer commercial ties with South American countries and the U.S.A. especially with Miami, Texas, and other southern states. The Canary Islands also have a solid European legal framework, as they belong to the European Union as they are Spanish territory. All this makes it much easier to connect these three continents commercially. Many companies in the archipelago have established strong commercial ties with these regions in recent decades and are seeking to improve their positioning in these markets. But it is not only the commercial work that is needed, but also a good logistics system. Conthor Canarias advises and supports the export department as well as the export manager.

Aid and support for the internalisation of the Canarian authorities

The Autonomous Community, through its institutions, maintains various channels of information and financial support.

This helps the entrepreneur take the first step and develop a possible plan of action.

We advise and support you in achieving your international goal

At Conthor Canarias we advise companies that wish to start their international expansion through an internationalization service adapted to each professional profile.

Exportation support services for those companies that have never done so before or only in an intermittent way. We jointly prepare a viability study and an international promotion plan that will allow you to reach your commercial objectives.

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