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Design for your company.

The impression that a potential client gets is decided in the first few moments of an interview. That is why it is essential to define the concept we want to convey with our corporate image, from the design of the logo, the website, the presence in social networks, flyers that are distributed at an event or even a simple Power Point presentation. All are tools that show our service, our product, to the client.

At present there is a diversity of applications and design programs with different degrees of complexity, but on many occasions SMEs do not have the budget, time or training to allocate an employee to perform these tasks. Conthor Canarias offers you its services in the design of corporate image and the development of a specific design for special occasions.
Your presence on the web and the optimization of web pages, is another of the areas in which we can advise you. Aware as we are of the dedication and experience that are necessary to develop an interesting and easy to find product on the internet, where the information is accessible to every potential client, we awaken in you the interest to study our contents and above all encourage you to make direct contact with our company.

As we said, we help to realize and enhance your project.
To do this, we take our company as an example:

* Creation of logotype: including the brand manual.

* Creation of websites, according to your destination.
* Creation of merchandising. (Caps, bags, boxes, mugs, shirts, business cards, notebooks, folders, signs, etc.)

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